You would not believe how tired I am today. I am so thankful that I took a rest day and did not workout. As much as it mentally pains me to take a day off, I know that my body needed it badly.

Yesterday I started weight lifting at a higher weight at increased reps. My back, my shoulders, and my core is feeling it today. I went for a nice walk at lunch with my office crew, drank tons of H20, and spent a good time stretching. I honestly cannot wait to sleep tonight.

If you are highly active and find yourself getting tired, I highly encourage you take a rest day. There are so many health benefits associated with taking a day off to let your body rest. By giving your body time to recover, you are allowing your muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue to heal. If you overwork yourself without rest, you run the risk of causing harm to your body- you can even get over-training syndrome. Over-training can have some harmful side effects that include poor performance, tiredness, altered hormonal states, poor sleeping patterns, reproductive disorders, decreased immunity, loss of appetite, and behavioral changes.

I once overworked myself in soccer, causing myself to pull a leg muscle. I then had to wait twice as long for it to heal when I could have just given myself a rest day instead. Rest days help you to avoid injury and allow you to stay active at a healthy level. Don’t overdo it!

So for all of you gym-goers and active lifestyle enthusiasts, make sure to rest, drink lots of water, and eat lots to protein to help those muscles. You won’t regret it!