We’ve all been there. Whether we hit a week at work that completely stressed us out, or we stretched ourselves thin and committed to an overwhelming amount of activities, or maybe it’s possible that life simply didn’t go our way this time around. Do these scenarios sound familiar? I know a few of them do for me! There are going to be times where life does try to bring us down, but we need to learn how to stay positive through life’s challenges.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post the other day about a situation I went through recently: a miscarriage. As I mentioned in that post, my husband and I wanted a child so very much. When we had found out I was pregnant, we were both beyond thrilled and wanted to start planning. We began thinking of ways we could prepare our lives for our new little angel, started reading health tips for dad and moms-to-be, and started researching new exercise moves for each trimester. Then the Friday of the first week of being pregnant came and something was not right. I arrived at work early in the morning and had shooting pain across my stomach. I quickly called my family and we ended up in the hospital later that day. I spent 8 hours in the ER with family by my side as I heard the sad news that we lost our little angel. Tears filled my eyes. Nothing else seemed to matter at the time. I wanted to go home and I wanted to be alone.

The following month was the hardest. I had felt what it was like to be pregnant and the joy of being a mom was stripped from me in what felt like an instant. I stopped working out, I stopped eating healthy, and I stopped partaking in my hobbies- I was depressed. I surrounded myself with my closest friends and family because I knew they would help get me through this hard time. After the first month of grieving the loss of my baby, I decided to start focusing on my health again. I started slowly, but at least I started. I began with mental health, by reading the Bible and reading inspirational books about strength, hope, and encouragement. I started praying more and started taking time to relax my mind at night. I began journaling my thoughts, putting it all down on paper, and this slowly started to heal me from within.

Remind yourself that there are happy days ahead.

The second and third month after, is where I am today. I focused this past month on physical health and started again to be mindful of what I ate. I made myself a personal wellness plan, one that I can follow at my own pace, and one that I intend to stick to. My last and final piece to this healing process was to finally tell my story about what happened. Writing my Instagram post the other day was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I was shaking, I was crying.. I was scared. People do not talk about miscarriages often, people do not understand how you feel when you have one, unless they have been through it themselves. It’s scary putting all of your information out there for the world to see, but it’s part of the process. I found myself overwhelmed by the encouraging comments and messages I received in response to the post. I’m definitely a full supporter of talking out your feelings, especially when your feelings were so deeply shattered. After writing my Instagram post, and then this post today, I feel very complete with how I chose to handle my healing process.

Life situations that bring chaos can break the soul, but the soul can always be mended in time.

Healing is not going to happen overnight. If you recently have gone through a hard situation, I encourage you to talk about it with someone you trust and care about. I recommend developing a wellness plan for yourself to start taking steps toward healing. Like I mentioned, the healing process won’t happen overnight, and it’s ok to take time to reflect on the situation- just make sure you surround yourself with support and make the decision to move forward to a healthier, more positive, you. Your health is important and I am so glad I took the steps I needed to heal. I now can move forward, never forgetting our little angel in Heaven, and continue on to where life will bring me next.

If you need someone to talk to or if you are looking for encouragement after a hard situation you have experienced, please do not hesitate to send me a message at mary_larochelle@outlook.com. Stay positive!

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